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Team day: starting the change

The best way to change is just start doing it. This team dat will help you and your team to take the first step and initiate the change.

For whom?

For teams that want to move into a new direction but need to sharpen their objective and/or action plan for getting there.

What skills do you learn?

By the end of this day the team has experienced a great day and will be more than ready to start. You will learn among others:

  • what is your change type
  • how the team will remain confident during the change process
  • overcome personal resistance
  • helping others to overcome resistance
  • turn objective and strategy into action

Concrete effects

  • more energy in the team
  • more understanding for each other's feelings of resistance
  • more trust
  • a plan of action ready for execution


Custom programs

Do you want to combine the annual team outing with a program centralised around daring to make mistakes? Are you looking for a refresher workshop on confronting skills? Or would you like to give some extra attention and practicing of Active Listening to further improve the team collaboration?

In that case I will set up a program in consultation with you and/or the team. Together we decide which activities and exercises will be best to help meeting the objectives of you and your team. This tailor-made program can be any length, for example a morning or afternoon.

And of you want me too I can suggest an appropriate location, such as the forest, the beach or in the polder.