About Hildegard

Who am I

I am Hildegard Montsma. Master in Mathematics, experienced manager, certified Gordontrainer. And also mother, hiker, gardener and musician.

The financial sector in Amsterdam and London has been my workfield for twenty years. In commercial and supervisory roles I gained experience in management, advisory and pioneering skills.

My vision

Over ten years ago I learned about Unconditional parenting by Alfie Kohn, Non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg and the Gordon Model for effective communication by Thomas Gordon. Their work provided a scientific foundation for what I had always felt: you are more effective in your personal interaction when you trust yourself, the other person and the relation between the two you instead of starting from the objective to win. Even in a sector where profits are an important driver.

Autonomy, honesty and connection

Taking space and at the same time giving space to others. That is important to me. Whether this other person is your colleague, your partner, your neighbour or your child.

Listening with empathy and without judgement to others, gives them the space to be themselves and the courage to develop. And with honest self-disclosure you not just set your personal boundaries, but also build on trust and connection. Trust grows when you know the other person and are convinced about their honesty. And from this foundation of trust you will rise after every fall, with new knowledge and experience.

I help you obtaining courage and skills required for autonomy, honesty and connection with others in live and work.

My approach

Scientific foundation is important, however it also needs to be executable. That's why I am enthusiastic about the communication skills of Thomas Gordon. No complex theory, but rather a practical toolkit for fostering equal relations, both in professional and personal life. As certified trainer for the Gordon Model I among others offer the Leader Effectiveness Training and Personal and Professional Effectiveness Training (also known as Be Your Best).

In my courses I always focus on those areas that are most useful for your development. I soon identify your personal challenges. And will facilitate you in creating an action plan to address these. We do not just focus on your objectives, bot more so on how you are going to reach these. Practical exercises are therefore an important part of my courses and workshops.

Combining a scientifically proven approach with a very practical recipe to execute it is what makes my workshops so valuable for your personal development.

And from this foundation of trust you will rise after every fall, with new knowledge and experience.

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